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      Specializing in Cranial-Sacral work, involving the subtle bodies’ ‘Axiatonal Alignment’, and allowing Spirit to direct, Aurelia works out of her home where she has consciously created a very loving and sacred space.

      Utilizing the sacred tools of BioGenesis, Vogel and Anchi crystals, she also works with sacred sounds in the forms of crystal bowls, tuning forks, tingsha bells, Tibetan bowls and her own intuitive toning/overtoning abilities. Also - crystals, essential oils, flower and gem elixirs play a very important part of your remembering the Whole You - Body, Mind, and Spirit.

      In her energy work practice, a session normally runs from 1-1 ½ hrs, with clients remaining fully clothed throughout the healing. 

      A Reiki Master Teacher, Aurelia works with the Nature Kingdom and the Ascended Realms of the Master and Angels.   She brings in your own unique Sacred Geometry Codes to accelerate your evolution and progress on your spiritual path.

      She loves working ‘hands-on’ and is also comfortable working only in the energy fields around the body if that is your preference.

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