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      Through attunement to the spiral emanations of 13, triggered by the nightly moon cycles, we will always feel the more subtle vibrations.  Lunar or feminine essence is what enables you to let go of thinking for awhile and just become responsive.  Then you will feel how “timing” is all.   Moon timing is the one that penetrates our subconscious because it is what activates our pineal gland (the 3rd eye), the source of cosmic intelligence.  The light reflecting off Moon surface is actually read by our inner brain glands.  The pineal gland is the most responsive when we are in total darkness, which only occurs at the exact time of the dark moon, the new moon.  Attuning to this screen keys us to stellar communications, to other planetary communications and to solar communication.


      Alchemy occurs when the lunar light penetrates the 2D metallic consciousness of your planet.  This occurs 13 times during each solar year during the new moon when Earth shields my surface from the Sun for only a few minutes.   The 2D metallic elements register the subtle emanations of stars at the time of the new moon and our pineal glands register stellar emanations then.   There is a new emotional field each lunar month.  Mercury crystals in our pineal glands read this vibration, which is our source of galactic intelligence.   Everything is vibration and moon can only reach us with a very soft vibration in total darkness.   Moon screens the field of the solar system to Earth all the time, and at the time of the new Moon, in the darkness is imprinted an emotioanl field of new potential.


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