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About Aurelia

      AURELIA TARA ANGELIC LIGHTS is the business under which all Spiritual Healing Services offered through Aurelia is canopied. Prior to her dedication to her healing practice, Aurelia worked in the early childhood education field. For early life experience and resume of all her life pursuits, please email and a current resume will be sent to you which includes her educational background.

      Aurelia honors your Sacred Space and allows only your highest and best interest to manifest through her healing practice. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and ordained minister and has practiced and studied spirituality and metaphysics for over 40 years. Her essence and inner joy knowing expresses peace and serenity as she is allowed opportunity to express the One Light of Unconditional Love. 

      Trust and communication are essential keys to a rewarding and fulfilling spiritual healing experience. Be assured your concerns and needs will be honored in the most sensitive and sacred manner. Feel the quality of peace and inspiration as you enter into the healing presence of Aurelia and your Creator.  Experience the wonder and magic that accompanies the Inner Knowing that you are nurtured, supported, and guided by the Masters, Devas and Angels and by your own Higher Self.

      If Sacred Sound moves you, experience a session with the intuitive pineal toning and overtoning from Aurelia's 4-octave voice range. Sound can also be incorporated into a cranial re-wiring session. Nature's bounty of essential oils and flower essence remedies - Vita Fons - are also tools that accompany a normal session.

      Experience the marvel and miracle of accelerated evolution and growth through the exposure of the fabulous spiritual technology of BioGenesis ä, not seen on this planet since the Golden Age of early Atlantis!

      ENERGY EXCHANGE: Aurelia uses a flexible fee structure in which clients are charged according to their ability to pay - honoring one's own inner integrity regarding balance and adequate compensation for services rendered. Her general policy is that no one who truly needs help will be turned away. Reciprocal possibilities can be discussed before any session. A normal fee schedule for sessions of body/mind/spirit clearings of this type is a love donation of $60-$150 per hour. Your contribution will be blessed and multiplied whatever the exchange!

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